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Training workshop on Livelihood Sovereignty and Well-being
From September 4 – 6, 2014, Livelihood Sovereignty Alliance (LISO) has held a training workshop on Livelihood Sovereignty and Well-Being for 15 people including LISO senior staffs and foreign volunteers. The focal themes relate to the analytical framework of the Five Livelihood Rights, namely: 1) The right to land, forest and water (basic); 2) The right to maintain one’s own religion (unique); 3) The right to live according to one’s own culture (practice); 4) The right to operate according one’s own knowledge and decide what to plant, initiate, create and invent on one’s own land (holistic), and 5) The right to co-manage or co-govern natural resources with neighboring communities and local authorities (strategic). This is the new and practical framework which is necessary for LISO staffs to conduct community research and development activities in indigenous and ethnic minority communities.
Dr. Keith Barber, senior lecturer at the Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Waikato, New Zealand was invited to share his presentation on different world’s concepts of development since 1950s including LISO’s concept of Livelihood Sovereignty and its analytical framework of the Five Livelihood Rights. 
"I have travelled to several countries and regions to do researches on anthropological and livelihood issues of the different communities. However, having met and worked with Mrs. Tran Thi  Lanh, SPERI and LISO over years is really a great fortune bringing me inspiration and admiration for what you have done over 20 years for the indigenous and ethnic minorities. I see Livelihood Sovereignty as a wonderful and practical concept in the context of the Mekong region. I strongly believe that LISO’s Livelihood Sovereignty will be widely known in the near future” – Dr. Keith Barber commented.

Then, Mrs. Tran Thi Lanh, the founder of LISO has continued the workshop with deep and thorough analysis of the meaning and application of Livelihood Sovereignty in different case studies.

After 3-day training workshop, the participants can be able to build frameworks for writing case study for LISO project areas in KonTum, Nghe An and Lao Cai, with integration of the five rights of Livelihood Sovereignty.

Dr. Keith Barber sharing the SPERI’s Livelihood Sovereignty in the world of alternatives to development
Participants discussing on current community livelihood and development in the LISO case studies

Group photo
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